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Update on March 7th


Dear Warriors, we will release a maintenance at 15:00 (SEA), 9:00 (EU) and 3:00 (US) 7th March. The estimated update time is about 90 mins. Please try to re-enter the game when the update finished. The update might be ahead or behind the proposed schedule, please take the in-game scroll announcement as a standard.


New Update Content:

1.Plant trees, protect forests, and donate with love! From March 11th to 16th, let's work together to Guard our home~

2.The cross-server glory leaderboard will be open from March 15th to 18th, March 22nd to 25th, March 29th to April 1st, and April 5th to 8th! The whole server fights together, double the excitement, and lots of rewards!

3.Demonic Angel - Helena (March 23-25; April 10-12), Angel of Sloth - Samael (March 13-15; March 26-28), Dark Angel - Lilith (March 17-19; April 2-4), Crescent Angel - Cynthia (March 20-22; April 7-9) revisit the chaos, don't miss the 30% off!

4.Blossoming Spring, warm-hearted gifts! From March 21st to 26th, this is a depiction of nature and a praise for life.

5.Epic Journey (March 11-13), Treasure Bowl (March 17-18; March 27-28; April 7-8), Beckoning Cat (March 19-20; April 9-10) are coming soon, with lots of great gifts, enjoy the joy!

6.Anniversary Celebration, share the gratitude! From April 1st to April 6th, let's celebrate this special day together!

7.Added dismantle function for new Divine Dragon Equipment.

8.Added long press automatic Upgrade function for Angel Relic.

9.Fixed the problem with the Chapter 3 mission of Dragon's Awakening.

10.The number of floors in the Tower of Eternity has been increased to 450, and the level cap for Glyphs has been increased to 150.


Team of League of Angels: Chaos