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Update on February 5th


Dear Warriors, we will release a maintenance at 15:00 (SEA), 9:00 (EU) and 3:00 (US) 5th February. The estimated update time is about 90 mins. Please try to re-enter the game when the update finished. The update might be ahead or behind the proposed schedule, please take the in-game scroll announcement as a standard.


New Update Content:

1. Romantic confession, sweet gifts! From February 11th to 16th, spend the spring night with the loved one you think about day and night~

2. The cross-server glory leaderboard will be open from February 16th to 19th, February 23rd to 26th, March 1st to 4th, and March 8th to 11th! The whole server fights together, the excitement is doubled, and there are many rewards!

3. Demonic Angel - Helena (2.23-2.25; 3.10-3.12), Angel of Sloth - Samael (2.12-2.15; 2.26-2.28), Dark Angel - Lilith (2.17-2.19; 3.2-3.4), New Moon Angel - Cynthia (2.20-2.22; 3.7-3.9) return to chaos, don't miss the 30% discount!

4. The festival is full of colors, and it's a lantern festival! From February 21st to 26th, celebrate in the lively festival, and welcome the new year with firecrackers.

5. Epic Journey (2.11-2.13) Treasure Bowl (2.16-2.17; 2.26-2.27; 3.7-3.8), Beckoning Cat (2.18-2.19; 3.9-3.10) is coming soon, accompanied by many good gifts, enjoy the joy!

6. Join hands and celebrate the festival together! From March 1st to March 6th, come to the game with your friends and share the joy!


Team of League of Angels: Chaos