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Cross Server War - Holy City War


How to play? Let's have a preview!

1. Groups of up to 3 servers will be linked cross-server to participate in the new Holy City War events. Each server will be its own faction for cross-server activities and War Rankings. There will be a new session of the event each week with rankings resetting weekly.

2. Available on servers that have been online for 13 days or more. Starts on the 13th day for newly launched servers.

3. Players must be level 325 to participate.


Gameplay Details Here:

1) Quest Hall

The Quest Hall provides basic, intermediate and advanced quests. Complete these quests to obtain Holy City War activity points. Accumulate activity points to unlock the Soul Pack (Demon’s Soul upgrade materials), earn Holy City War contribution (for War rank), Armory Keys (for drawing Demon’s Soul Soul Stones), Magic Stone chests, and more.


2) Resource Center

1. Resource Escort

(1) Escort a cart of supplies to its destination. As long as players are within a certain range of the cart, it will automatically move towards its destination. If players are too far from the cart, it will stop.

(2) Carts can be attacked by players of other factions (servers). Destroying a cart will reward the attackers with 50% of the supplies (resources used in Holy City War) while the escort players will keep the remaining 50%.

(3) The escort event has a 30 minute time limit. If the cart is not transported to the destination after 30 minutes, the escort will fail and participants will only get the failure reward.


2. Resource Gathering

(1) Resource gathering is divided into low-level and high-level resources, and the collection time is shared between them. Different levels of resources give different rewards.

(2) The resource spawn points on the battlefield are fixed, while the refresh timers are different for different resources.

(3) It takes 5 seconds to gather basic resources and 10 seconds to gather advanced resources. The gathering process will be interrupted if you are crowd-controlled while gathering.


3) The Armory

Use Armory Keys to draw for Demon’s Soul Soul Stone. The Soul Stone can be upgraded by combining.


4) Demon Camp

1. This is a cross-server Boss mode where players can get rewards for their first 2 kills each day. Players can increase the number of reward attempts using items. Players with no reward attempts left will not receive rewards for participating.

2. The player who did the most damage to a boss will get boss affiliation. A player’s damage done will be reset if they leave the area.

1. Bosses spawn every hour on the hour from 10:00 to 24:00 (10:00, 11:00, etc.). Bosses that have not been killed will not respawn.

5. Resources in this mode are used for the Holy City War event.


5) Rankings and Rewards

1. Players can earn contribution points by completing daily events and earn daily rewards based on those points.

2. Rankings are divided into local ranking and cross-server ranking.

3. The rankings are updated every 10 minutes. Rankings will reset after every weekly event session and for server mergers.

4. You can receive a rank reward at the end of each event session.